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How To Apply For Boat Loans In Texas



The first step in the boat buying process is finding a new or used boat that meets your needs! Next, you can estimate your monthly payment by using our boat loan calculator



Once you have found the perfect boat, it is time to apply for a  Boat Loan. Our online application system is quick & easy and will pair you with one of our marine lenders instantly.



You can expect a fast-funding process with all of our boat loans. First, we will email your loan documents directly to you and once returned to us, it’s a 2 day turn around. This is how you can get out on the water sooner to enjoy your new vessel! 

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Boat Loans Texas: What You Need To Know

Discover the boat of your dreams in Texas with Chesapeake Financial. We specialize in customized boat loans in Texas, prioritizing exceptional customer service. As the leading national boat loan lender, we explore multiple options to secure boat financing in Texas, providing a response within 24 hours. Trust our expertise to secure your boat loan in Texas, and if we can’t, we’ll provide a clear explanation why.

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Why Choose Us For Your Texas Boat Loans

Quick Approvals & Customer Service

We offer instant approvals and answers in less than 24 hours. Our team is always a call away. Have any questions? Call us to see if you pre-qualify.

Competitive Rates & Great Terms

Our Texas boat loans have competitive low rates with and offer up to 20-year terms. Most of our loans don't require proof of income!

Fast Funding For Your Purchase

After being in business for over 33 years we know how to process your loan, fund it quickly. We accommodate dealer sales, private sales and brokerage transactions as well.

Get On The Water Sooner

Our team will help you through the entire buying process! We also assist with the registration & titling process so you can just enjoy your new boat!

Boat Loan Calculator

Want to estimate your monthly boat payment? Check out our easy-to-use boat loan calculator so you can budget in advance for your new boat loan! If you would like more information on planning your next boat loan, give our team a call today! 

Texas Boat Financing Services

When it comes to financing the purchase of your dream boat, obtaining an affordable boat loan becomes an essential step in your thrilling journey. As watercraft can represent a significant investment, securing the right financing becomes crucial. Boat loans can help assist individuals in financing various types of boats, ranging from luxurious yachts to family-oriented pontoon boats and practical fishing boats. Like other loan options, boat loans provide borrowers with the necessary funds upfront, enabling them to make the purchase and repay the loan over time, with interest.

These loans are typically secured, utilizing the boat as collateral, often leading to favorable interest rates. The availability and terms of boat loans may vary amongst different lenders, depending on factors such as the borrower’s credit history, the loan amount, and the agreed-upon term length. By exploring the options offered by various lenders, you can find the ideal boat loan that aligns with your specific requirements. Click the options below to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Loans Texas

The term is based on the value and age of the boat you are purchasing.

Yes, in fact, we do 15-20 year boat loans.

Yes, with a simple 5 question conversation. Please give us a call at your convenience.

Interest rates are based on your credit score and the value of the boat you’re purchasing. Call us for specifics regarding your situation.

Always within 24 hours and as fast as instantly.

There are several reasons why being prequalified for a boat loan can aid a buyer. First, it lets the buyer know how much money they can borrow. Second, being prequalified can make the boat buying process a smooth experience. You can walk into a dealership and have confidence that you have financing already in place. Prequalification lets you know how much boat you can afford and what the monthly payments will be.

Yes. No prepayment penalties are ever assessed.

Depending on the age and amount borrowed, as many as 20 years in term.

By having good credit and calling us for valuation.

We offer boat loans in the lower 48 States. These include Florida Boat Loans and Louisiana Boat Loans. All the information about our boat financing can be found on our website. However if you have any questions we did not answer, just give us a call!